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About me

My name is Rachel Hale and I have over 20 years experience within the SEND system, as well as being a SEND Parent myself.​I provide individualised and tailored support on a case by case basis. I aim to provide affordable and flexible support, tailored to individual needs and cases.​My prices range from £30 per hour to £50 per hour, depending on the nature of the work. I believe in total transparency so will have open discussions with you before embarking on any work.​.​



  • Rachel provided invaluable help and support through a series of complex SEN situations. She’s hugely knowledgeable, practical in her suggestions, flexible in working arrangements and always empathetic. Her advocacy has been instrumental in finally getting a true understanding of my son’s needs and putting in place a program of provision to meet them.

  • Rachel has been an invaluable support to us over the last few months. The road to securing an appropriate educational setting and comprehension package of support is such a difficult and at times heartbreaking one to travel. This would have been so much harder without Rachel to turn to. She has years of experience both personal and proffessional which means quite simply that she gets it. She knows what you are going through as a family and the devastating impact the system can have on your child. She is brilliant to talk to and remains optimistic and hopeful when you feel far from it. She is practical and creative when finding solutions and ways forward. A fantastic assertive advocate for your child without being combative she has great communication skills and for us her sense of humour is the thing that keeps us going.

  • Rachel has a thorough understanding, and a wealth of knowledge regarding the needs of, not only my daughter, but also myself. She is totally approachable, and has quickly built a trusting relationship with us both. Rachel is very responsive to emails and messages. Her experience is invaluable in meetings and discussions, I would recommend her to anyone needing support with SEND matters.


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